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Johanna "Jo" Mitchell is a 17-year-old tomboy who lives with her father, a race car driver for NASCAR. On her first day at North Shore High School, she encounters the school's most popular and snobbish clique, "The Plastics", which consists of Amanda "Mandi" Weatherly, a girly girl from a wealthy family, Chastity Meyer, a seemingly slow-witted blond with a raging libido who is known for casual relationships with guys, and Hope Plotkin, a germophobe. Jo also meets Abigail "Abby" Hanover, a tortured artist who lives across the street from Mandi. Mandi sees Abby as a rival, due to the greater wealth of Abby's family. Jo also develops an attraction to Tyler Adams, a boy in her woodshop class, despite his somewhat sexist attitudes which spur her to excel in the class. Despite Jo's attempts to avoid the Plastics, conflict develops between them and Abby, which includes personal confrontations and vandalism to Abby's car. When Jo meets Abby's father, Sidney, a successful infomercial entrepreneur, he offers to pay Jo's college tuition in gratitude for extending her friendship to his lonely daughter. After Jo accepts, she and Abby become closer. She also becomes closer to Tyler, but while on a date with him, a voice recorder placed in the car records her while she divulges some intimate personal details (such as the fact that she is a virgin) and the recording is later publicized. Despite Jo's anger when she discovers this, a group of less popular girls tell Jo that they wish they had waited for sex as she had, making Jo feel better. Jo also learns from Abby that Tyler is Mandi's stepbrother. Mandi also escalates her war of pranks by ruining Jo's class project, thus ruining her acceptance into Carnegie Mellon University, and filling Jo's father's race car with coffee and sweetener. To get revenge on Mandi, Jo plans a party at Abby's house on the same night of Mandi's birthday party, which harms the level of attendance at the latter. The Plastics retaliate by placing ipecac on the pizza delivered to Abby's house, planning to make all the guests vomit after they consume a slice. Jo discovers that Hope had paid the delievery man to add the syrup, and decided to dispose of the tainted pizza. She and Abbey decide to serve a piece to Mandi's boyfriend, who throws up on her pink dress whilst making up with her. A week later, Jo, Abby and another outcast girl named Quinn (who is a nerd) start a new clique called the "Anti-Plastics" in order wage wars against the Plastics, but as they enact a series of pranks against Chastity and Hope, Jo develops a personality almost as shallow as Mandi, and their campaign threatens Tyler and Jo's relationship. When Jo tries to give back the money Sidney Hanover gave her for her friendship with Abby, Mandi overhears the encounter, and reveals their transaction to the entire school, which leads to Jo's estrangement from both Abby and Tyler. Quinn is also revealed to be a double agent for the Plastics who, along with Nick, frames Jo for theft by placing stolen charity money in Jo's backyard shed. Tyler and the other Anti-Plastics try to help Jo prove her innocence with the help of Elliott, a computer hacker who infiltrates the computer of Jo's grouchy neighbor, who installed cameras to monitor what happens across the street. After beating the Plastics in a game of powderpuff football, Mandi and Nick are arrested after images of them planting the money in Jo's shed are revealed (the images are found by Elliott, who hacks into Jo's paranoid neighbor's video cameras). At the school's homecoming dance, Abby and Elliott are elected as king and queen, due to Jo rigging the voting. The film's epilogue indicates that Mandi and Nick were sentenced to community service, and that Mandi was allowed to graduate only because her mother donated a library to the school. Quinn became the new leader of the Plastics and agreed to end their war with the Anti-Plastics, who disbanded. Hope finally overcame her fear of germs and drank from a public water fountain. As a boy sneezes on her giving her the swine flu. Chastity ended up joining an abstinence club after learning the meaning of her name. Abby and Elliot begin a relationship as she goes off to college to major in art, while Jo, who remains close friends with Abby, rekindles her relationship with Tyler, who attends Penn State University to remain near her.

Direct Download link : Battle: Los Angeles (2011)  (700.6 MByte )

imageOn August 11, 2011, mysterious objects thought to be meteorites crash into Earth's oceans near several major cities including Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, New Orleans,Mexico City,New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Barcelona, Hamburg, Sydney. These objects are revealed to be spacecraft containing hostile alien forces. The U.S. Marines from Camp Pendleton arrive in Los Angeles to defend against alien ground forces and assist in the evacuation of civilians in preparation for a bombing campaign. Among the military's forces are Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart), a 20-year veteran U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant who lost many men under his command during his last deployment in Iraq. Nantz had planned to retire, but the situation requires him to replace the platoon sergeant of a platoon from "E" Company, 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. The Platoon Commander, 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramón Rodríguez), attends a briefing at an FOB (Forward Operating Base). The platoon's mission is to rescue civilians from an LAPD police station with a three-hour time limit before the Air Force bombs the area. They are ambushed by aliens multiple times and suffer casualties. They also encounter a group of U.S. Army soldiers from the 40th Infantry Division, including an Air Force intelligence Technical Sergeant Elena Santos (Michelle Rodriguez). Eventually, the combined team reaches the police station, finding five civilians inside. A helicopter arrives and attempts to evacuate some of the wounded Marines, but it is destroyed by an alien air unit upon takeoff. The Marines commandeer a bus for evacuation. Prior to evacuation, they find a wounded alien and with the help of one of the civilians, they learn of the aliens' weaknesses and military tactics; finding that the alien infantry have a weak point in the torso, that the alien attack aircraft are remote-controlled drones and the aliens monitor and locate Earth military forces through monitoring their radio communications. The Marines speculate that there must be a central command center, and that its destruction would eliminate control of the alien drones, opening the enemy forces to air attack. On a freeway, they encounter a lone M1 Abram that is under attack and subsequently destroyed by the aliens. The bus is then attacked and the Marines begin rappelling the civilians off the side of the freeway. One of the civilians, Joe Rincon (Michael Peña), is wounded after firing on the aliens. Martinez is also wounded and sacrifices himself to destroy an enemy unit by detonating C-4 explosives inside the bus, shortly after placing Nantz in command of the platoon. Nantz leads what remains of the platoon outside the bombing zone, and they rest at a convenience store. A news report speculates that the aliens have attacked Earth for its water supply which they use as fuel. The team waits for the bombing to begin, but nothing happens. They arrive at the FOB, only to discover that it has already been destroyed by the aliens, nullifying the airstrike. They decide to head for another extraction point, where a helicopter should be available to evacuate them. Before they embark, Rincon dies of his wounds and Corporal Lockett (whose brother died under Nantz's command) openly doubts Nantz's ability to lead. Nantz and Lockett come to terms with their guilt and anger, and the platoon reaches the extraction point using a LAV-25 and a HMMWV. As they are being evacuated, Nantz spots a large black area on the ground where electric power seems to be disabled. Nantz believes the black area to be the location of the alien command center and that it is hidden underground. Nantz and his platoon disembarks from the helicopter, planning to find the exact location of the command center so they can call in a missile strike. Going underground, the Marines confirm the presence of a large alien vessel. They return to the surface and succeed in calling in a guided artillery strike using laser designators. However, the command center remains intact and rises from the ground. The Marines repel alien forces as more artillery shells are launched at the hovering command center, and eventually they destroy it. This disables the alien aircraft in the area, forcing the alien ground forces to retreat. Soon after, the team is extracted to a temporary base in the Mojave Desert, where they are greeted as heroes for their outstanding bravery. All other cities under attack now plan to emulate their strategy, destroying the alien command center in each city. More forces are being sent to Los Angeles to finish off the aliens there. Despite orders to rest, Nantz and the platoon instead rejoin the fight.


Direct Download link :  Pearl Harbor (2001) (800.3 MByte)


Pearl Harbor is a classic tale of romance set during a war that complicates everything. It all starts when childhood friends Rafe and Danny become Army Air Corps pilots and meet Evelyn, a Navy nurse. Rafe falls head over heels and next thing you know Evelyn and Rafe are hooking up. Then Rafe volunteers to go fight in Britain and Evelyn and Danny get transferred to Pearl Harbor. While Rafe is off fighting everything gets completely whack and next thing you know everybody is in the middle of an air raid we now know as "Pearl Harbor."

Free Direct Download link : Sniper: Reloaded (2011)  (699.2 MByte)


imageI kinda feared a disaster coming when I first heard about this movie only a couple of months before its release. No Berenger, at all. Some guy I never heard of playing his son. However Billy Zane's involvement sounded promising(although it had the taste of 'we couldn't get Berenger, so here have Zane instead') The trailer looked solid but showed absolutely nothing that could probably have promised quality of the first Sniper. After having watched the final product, I have to admit that I enjoyed it. A lot. Chad Michael Collins plays a charismatic character but underacts in some situations for my taste(final kill). His physical appearance is very close to Berenger's. Think of Bruce Li in Bruceploitation terms ;) Billy Zane has just enough screen time to qualify his second name listing in the credits. He comes a lot more likable than in the first movie and has some gory kills and cool one-liners. The remaining characters also do their jobs pretty well considering their limited screen time. The script is nothing special but so were the scripts for the first 3 movies. It pays a lot of homages to its predecessors for example in some kills and camera shots. It's clear that the makers have seen the original movies and were trying hard to bring the most enjoyable elements from those movies into the reboot. The typical "mission went wrong, fight on your own, cover up a conspiracy" element is there. As usual for the snipers series the main bad guys are not evil 'just because the script says so' but have realistic motivations. The sex scene comes out of nowhere but is needed to make some later plot points more realistic. This surely could have been made in a more fluent and less forced way. The camera work is solid. The shaky cam is nowhere as annoying and overused as in a lot of new action movies ala The Expendables. There are some beautiful landscape shots and the locations are always exciting to look at. The mounted on the weapon camera angle is competently done for a movie of this budget league, although admittedly somewhat less impressive in the year 2011 than in 1998. The action scenes are shot furiously. Like in the first 3 movies there are not many of them, but when they come, they come with a bang. The more dialog-heavy scenes in between always have something going on and never feel like boring padding. Some weak points of the action scenes is that the baddies seem to like to run towards the sniper's hideout without shooting just to be easily killed instead of trying to hide. Maybe they are just in panic, don't get where the shots are coming from and think that they are running from the shots and not into them. Maybe it's the director's fault, both possibilities are realistic.

Direct Download link : A Beautiful Mind  ( 700.6 MByte )


In 1947, John Nash (Russell Crowe) arrives at Princeton University as a new graduate student. He is a recipient of the prestigious Carnegie Prize for mathematics; although he was promised a single room, his roommate Charles Herman (Paul Bettany), a literature student, greets him as he moves in and soon becomes his best friend. Nash also meets a group of other promising math and science graduate students, Martin Hansen (Josh Lucas), Richard Sol (Adam Goldberg), Ainsley (Jason Gray-Stanford), and Bender (Anthony Rapp), with whom he strikes up an awkward friendship. Nash admits to Charles that he is better with numbers than he is with people. The mathematics department chairman of Princeton informs Nash, who has missed many of his classes, that he cannot begin work until he finishes a thesis paper, prompting him to seek a truly original idea for the paper. A woman at the bar is what ultimately inspires his fruitful work in the concept of governing dynamics, a theory in mathematical economics. After the conclusion of Nash's studies as a student at Princeton, he accepts a prestigious appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), along with his friends Sol and Bender. In 1953, while teaching a class on calculus at MIT, he places a particularly interesting problem on the chalkboard that he dares his students to solve. He is not particularly interested in teaching and his delusions even cause him to miss the class. When a student, Alicia Larde (Jennifer Connelly), comes to his office to discuss why he did not show up, she also asks him to dinner and the two fall in love and eventually marry. On a return visit to Princeton, Nash runs into his former roommate Charles and meets Charles' young niece Marcee (Vivien Cardone), whom he adores. Nash is invited to a secret Department of Defense facility in the Pentagon to crack a complex encryption of an enemy telecommunication. Nash is able to decipher the code mentally, to the astonishment of other codebreakers. Here, he encounters the mysterious William Parcher (Ed Harris), who belongs to the United States Department of Defense. Parcher observes Nash's performance from above, while partially concealed behind a screen. Parcher gives Nash a new assignment to look for patterns in magazines and newspapers, ostensibly to thwart a Soviet plot. He must write a report of his findings and place them in a specified mailbox. After being chased by Soviet agents and an exchange of gunfire, Nash becomes increasingly paranoid and begins to behave erratically. After observing this erratic behavior, Alicia informs a psychiatric hospital. Later, while delivering a guest lecture at Harvard University, Nash realizes that he is being watched by a hostile group of people, and although he attempts to flee, he is forcibly sedated and sent to a psychiatric facility. Nash's internment seemingly confirms his belief that the Soviets are trying to extract information from him. He views the officials of the psychiatric facility as Soviet kidnappers. At one point, he gorily tries to dig out of his arm an implant he received at an unused warehouse on the MIT campus, which was supposedly used as a listening facility by the DoD. Alicia, desperate and obligated to help her husband, visits the mailbox and retrieves the never-opened "top secret" documents that Nash had delivered there. When confronted with this evidence, Nash is finally convinced that he has been hallucinating. The Department of Defense agent William Parcher and Nash's secret assignment to decode Soviet messages was in fact all a delusion. Even more surprisingly, Nash's "prodigal roommate" Charles and his niece Marcee are also products of his mind. After a series of insulin shock therapy sessions, Nash is released on the condition that he agrees to take antipsychotic medication; however, the drugs create negative side-effects that affect his sexual and emotional relationship with his wife and, most dramatically, his intellectual capacity. Frustrated, Nash secretly stops taking his medication and hoards his pills, triggering a relapse of his psychosis. In 1956, while bathing his infant son, Nash becomes distracted and wanders off. Alicia is hanging laundry in the backyard and observes that the back gate is open. She discovers that Nash has turned an abandoned shed in a nearby grove of trees into an office for his work for Parcher. Upon realizing what has happened, Alicia runs into the house to confront Nash and barely saves their child from drowning in the bathtub. When she confronts him, Nash claims that his friend Charles was watching their son. Alicia runs to the phone to call the psychiatric hospital for emergency assistance. Nash suddenly sees Parcher who urges him to kill his wife, but Nash angrily refuses to do such a thing. After Parcher points a gun at her, Nash lunges for him, accidentally knocking Alicia and the baby to the ground. Alicia flees the house in fear with their child, but Nash steps in front of her car to prevent her from leaving. After a moment, he tells Alicia, "She never gets old"--referring to Marcee, who, although years have passed since their first encounter, has remained exactly the same age and is still a little girl. Realizing the implications of this fact, he finally accepts that although all three people seem completely real, they are in fact part of his hallucinations. Caught between the intellectual paralysis of the antipsychotic drugs and his delusions, Nash and Alicia decide to try to live with his abnormal condition. Nash consciously says goodbye to the three delusional characters forever in his attempts to ignore his hallucinations and not feed "his demons". He thanks Charles for being his best friend over the years, and says a tearful goodbye to Marcee, stroking her hair and calling her "baby girl", telling them both he would not speak to them anymore. They still continue to haunt him, with Charles mocking him for cutting off their friendship, but Nash learns to ignore them. Nash grows older and approaches his old friend and intellectual rival, Martin Hansen, now head of the Princeton mathematics department, who grants him permission to work out of the library and audit classes. Even though Nash still suffers from hallucinations and mentions taking newer medications, he is ultimately able to live with and largely ignore his psychotic episodes. He takes his situation in stride and humorously checks to ensure that any new acquaintances are in fact real people, not hallucinations. Nash eventually earns the privilege of teaching again. In 1994, Nash is honored by his fellow professors for his achievement in mathematics, and goes on to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his revolutionary work on game theory. Nash and Alicia are about to leave the auditorium in Stockholm, when Nash sees Charles, Marcee and Parcher standing and watching him with blank expressions on their faces. Alicia asks Nash, "What is it?" Nash replies, "Nothing. Nothing at all." With that, they both leave the auditorium.


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